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Look! You can vote! I don’t promise to listen but if enough people ask to see something in particular, I will get it written far quicker… Advertisements

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Engaging the hindquarters and lengthening the stride

The recent BD convention featured the training talents of the Academy Bartels. It was covered by an informative write-up in the most recent British Dressage magazine. There was some very refreshing talk of responsiveness and relaxation – a horse that … Continue reading

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Be your own Biomechanist: What to look for in your photos

If you can afford regular lessons with a good instructor you’re laughing. If not eyes on the ground or at least a video can be a real help. Even if all you have is the odd photo you can still … Continue reading

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Dressage and the Equine Back

The equine back is gaining popularity as research topic, but it has a long way to go. It’s difficult to research, diagnose and treat because it’s so inaccessible and so complex. The most popular current model of the back is … Continue reading

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