Coming soon:

Look! You can vote! I don’t promise to listen but if enough people ask to see something in particular, I will get it written far quicker…

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7 Responses to Coming soon:

  1. Shannon says:

    I demand to be able to vote twice!! Because I want to hear about rider biomechanics and pregnancy (I’ve had two of those, and two c-sections) and I also want to hear about bending, straightness and circles.

    Although, biomechanics and aging also sounds intriguing. Particularly if it covered herniated discs (I have six of those, and a degenerative scoliosis).

    I guess I need three votes!

    • Sian says:

      You can vote twice – or at least I think you can. I decided that it made more sense for people to be able to make multiple either-of-these-two style votes. Clearly this is the sort of media which is more suited to an eight-year-old, and mine’s asleep (I’m with you on the two c-sections).

      • Shannon says:

        Haha! I did not realize that you could vote more than once. I’m now going to abuse my newfound power.

        Sadly, my oldest is only three and can’t help me with computer things yet. Even more sadly, my 1 year old can do things to my computer that I can’t, but lacks the communication skills to tell me how he did it!

  2. Sian says:

    I have a two year old. He helps guide me to CBeebies. I also have a puppy who is ten weeks old and can also do things to my computer, which is currently missing its delete key as a result.

  3. H-m-m–aging rider here with two newly replaced knees. I am just starting back to ride and am wondering how the “bionic” knees with ultimately impact my riding. So far, Ok, but I’m not doing too much “serious” stuff at the moment.

    But bending, circles and straightness sound intriguing too.

    Oh, come on, post EVERYTHING!!! *lol*

  4. Kiz says:

    I’m the same as Shannon, had c-section too, next one (if have anymore!!) will be another c-section. Got a few rider friends that have also ended up having c-sections, wonder if there’s a link with riding??

  5. Sian says:

    Kiz – I think there is (sorry, very slow reply here!) I’ll have a dig and see if it’s been studied.

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