Recruiting for Biomechanics Trial

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David Marlin and I are recruiting for a trial to look at the effects of Science Supplements ProKalm on dressage horses’ way of going. I’ve used it on my horses and think it improves the quality of the trot (quick and dirty test showed a 20% increase in stride length & 50% improvement in tempo consistency in my anxious, green gelding and a 10% increase in stride length in laid-back stallion). So we’re now doing a full trial so I’m looking for people in the BD Northern region who’d be interested in being involved. The horses will all get free ProKalm, a full biomechanical analysis and be assessed by a List 1 judge on three occasions once with and twice without the calmer. We’d be looking for people who can show collected, working and medium trot, although extended would be a bonus.

On a side note, I’m biased but the calmer is ace. It’s BD and BS legal, not magnesium based, doesn’t knock any of the sparkle out of them but just helps focus – I had a loose horse canter into my ring during my test at Richmond last Monday and stallion stood like a rock until it was caught! Similarly talented but homicidal gelding hasn’t tried to kill me for ages…

Anyone who’d like to know more (or just order the calmer!) should contact

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